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we are like young volcanoes.


  2. At some point this weekend I am going to post my Erica/Marilyn story. I promise. But right now I don't feel well and just want to read fic, not edit my own.

  3. I'm doing a presentation on Homosexuality on Television (and in the media as a whole, but focusing on TV) on Monday and it's really fascinating, learning statistics about the amount of gay characters on TV and how much they talk about sex, juxtaposed with how much straight characters do. *shrug*


  5. I need an excited icon, wow.

  6. Who are your guys' favorite icon-makers? I am in the mood for some new ones.

  7. Is this half-series of Doctor Who worth watching? I've heard mixed reviews but if one of you can convince me to watch it, I definitely will. I just hate the idea of Clara as the impossible girl; we've heard it all before. But is she a good character?

  8. Oh - talking of Fall Out Boy, can we talk about how freaking awesome the new album is?! Like, I've always been a fan but HOLY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Way to be, Fall Out Boy.

  9. Using proper capitalization is strange now. Whoops. This feels so official 'n stuff.

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fic: it takes an ocean not to break (molly hooper/greg lestrade; molly hooper/sally donovan)

title: it takes an ocean not to break
fandom: bbc sherlock
pairing: molly/greg, molly/sally (background/minor sally/irene, sally/anderson, and john/sherlock)
rating: nc-17
warnings: explicit sex; cursing; excessive fluff
word count: 15420

In which Molly Hooper, abroad for a year at University in America, fights and dates and learns and somehow, falls in love.
(or, a pseudo-arranged marriage AU.)
author's notes: thank you so much to my lovely beta katherine; beautiful art can be found here. :)

anna kendrick

fic round-up: three tsn fics; mark/eduardo

all posted on AO3; all written a long, long time ago. please do let me know what you think. :) also, this has made me miss tsn fandom. sigh. the fic was so good, guys. (not mine, i mean, i'm just remembering certain fics that i read while writing these.) so. fucking. good.

Title: how many times
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; Warnings for sex, I suppose?
Word Count: 4110
Disclaimer: This fanwork is based on fictional representations of the characters in The Social Network; I make no claims of ownership of the characters or concepts.
Summary: (217): How many times do you have to sleep with a guy before you get him to kiss you?
Notes: for
propercasings; for the tsn_springfest, literally forever ago. ugh. finally cross-posting it here.

The first time is in a bathroom.

Title: ignite your bones
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo
Rating/Warnings: pg-13 at worst, because of a shooting/injuries (not graphically described).
Word Count: 4,186.
Disclaimer: This fanwork is based on fictional representations of the characters in The Social Network; I make no claims of ownership of the characters or concepts.
Summary: They're not anything close to friends - but Mark's shot and Eduardo's worried and he doesn't know what he's supposed to feel, anymore.
Notes: title is from the song "fix you" by coldplay because i am unoriginal and this song was playing over and over in my head as i wrote it. for the tsn springfest; for rei17.

Mark and Eduardo aren't anything remotely close to friends.

Title: just forget the world
Characters/Pairings: Mark/Eduardo
Rating/Warnings: nc-17; possibly gets incest-y because they grew up as siblings.
Word Count: 4,072
Disclaimer: This fanwork is based on fictional representations of the characters in The Social Network; I make no claims of ownership of the characters or concepts.
Summary (or prompt scenario): Mr and Mrs Saverin took Mark in as a child and Eduardo has always, always been in love with Mark (and Mark has always, always been in love right back).
Notes: title is from the song chasing cars, by snow patrol. for the tsn springfest, for dreamerforever.

Mark moves in when he’s six years old.



would you guys to me a favor and send me your favorite post-war harry potter fics?

(i'm thinking, like, anything featuring the trio or neville/luna/ginny/etc.)

i never ever read hp fic anymore and i miss it.

also, if you find me any harry/ron/hermione angst-with-happiness i will love you forever.

also sirius/lily. send me all of the sirius/lily. pls and thanks.
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so my rough draft of the harlequin big bang is due on march 8th and i am... 2.5K in. shit shit shit shit shit.

i just need to write a lot over the next few days. thankfully, it's spring break. 

everything else is secondary; nc-17 (harry/hermione)

title: everything else is secondary
pairing: harry potter/hermione granger.
rating/warnings: nc-17; explicit oral sex, adultery
word count: 1,575
summary you're the only home i know
notes: for this prompt at the porn-a-thon. i hope i'm not stepping on anybody's toes by writing this as well, but i haven't written h/h in ages and this prompt made me see stars, so. um. this starts out somewhat angsty but it ends happily, i promise. /spoilers

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anna kendrick

nothing in this world (for me); sally donovan(/anderson); pg-13

title: nothing in this world (for me)
pairing: sally donovan/anderson
rating/warnings: pg-13; cursing, brief mentions of sex
word count: ~1000
summary: for this prompt at the multifandom women comment ficathon
ain't no rest for the wicked.
a/n: well, well, well. i'm finally back to writing proper fic. mmm, what to say? i love sally a stupid amount and i've been meaning to write something like this for a while. hopefully, it's all right. :)

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quick question.

in a comedy show, for fic-writing, is it a bad idea to write something horror-based (i.e., serial killer AU) and have it not follow the line the show takes?

i've.. never really wanted to write fic like this before but i kind of want to do a leslie knope-as-a-serial-killer fic but i don't know if that would be well-received or not.