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title: i'm not a hero
pairing: harry potter/hermione granger
rating/warnings: r, maybe? warning for discussion of war and some angst.
length: ~1500 words.
summary: for this prompt at the war stories ficathon: they keep calling us heroes, i don't see anything heroic here at all. or, the story of harry and hermione in ten parts.
disclaimer: i don't own this!
notes: uh. another harry/hermione fic that came out of nowhere. i swear, i thought this was like a hundred words and am as baffled as you probably aren't by this point.

also, for your eyes, you should probably view this in light format! :)

She takes up knitting again.Collapse )
title: somebody waits for you
pairing: liam/louis, harry/eleanor, niall/zayn.
rating/warnings: pg-13; crack, fluff, etc.
words: 1300.
summary: The boys and Eleanor rent a ski lodge to get away from the craziness of the fans. Shenanigans ensue.
disclaimer: title from holly jolly christmas, by various artists. one direction does not belong to me, and none of this is real.
notes: um. this was written forever and a day ago and i never posted it. i'm aware it's mid-july, but it's so hot here i thought, we need some christmas fic! (that's a lie. i just really wanted to post this.) so! have a li/lou... thing. i'm so sorry. *hits head against wall*

also available at ao3!

"Liam!" comes the shout.Collapse )
25 June 2013 @ 01:01 pm


come have a blast!

title: to know wisdom; chapter one
fandom/pairing: hannibal (TV), abigail hobbs/hannibal lecter (this chapter), hannibal/will/abigail (later)\
rating/warnings: nc-17; bloodplay, choking/breathplay, manipulation, cannibalism (forced and willing), violence, etc.
length: 3,592
summary: “Would you kill me?” Hannibal asks, mild. “Could you?”

She lifts her chin even though he can’t see her, laces her fingers together on the table. “If I had to.”

He turns to look at her, almost surprise in his face. “Are you sure about that?”

She nods, quick; she is, she could, she can see it now –

He smiles; it looks almost feral. “Good.”


06 June 2013 @ 08:36 pm
(terrible banner by me, don't judge me and my lack of photoshop skills please..)

so a while back i was like "man i love genderswap" but there is none in any of my fandoms (okay, hardly any) and i decided i wanted this -- and then promptly didn't do it because i got busy. BUT. here y'all go!


  1. prompt as much as you want.

  2. include fandom & pairing when you request.

  3. every prompt should in some way have genderswap -- whether it be always or suddenly, SOMEONE MUST CHANGE.

  4. that's it, them's the rules. (oh, and have fun!)

um. go! please. if you don't prompt things, this entry will be very lonely.
title: what you've always wanted
length: ~1400 words (lol what is commentfic)
pairing: harry potter/hermione granger
rating/warnings: pg-13; warnings for angst and a cheesy ending.
summary: for fluffyfrolicker, who requested: harry/hermione; isn't this what you've always wanted.
a/n: um. this was way longer than i meant it to be? i am incredibly self-indulgent and i think i may actually be starting to ship these two, lord help me. (i was talking to blondsehun about them and then i talked about how i think harry/hermione is a softer sort of love than ron/hermione and i had all of these feelings i didn't know what to do with.)


I was never pure, she thinks.Collapse )
03 June 2013 @ 02:51 am

borrowed from fluffyfrolicker! (posted on my tumblr but no one requested anything. :( )

What: Tumblr Fic War

Who: Anyone who reblogs this reposts this.

When: Until everyone is actualfax dead, because this is WAR suckers!


What: Everyone who reblogs reposts is opening their ask box comments up to the most brutal, feelings-inducing prompts anyone who is playing can imagine. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take those prompts and DESTROY EVERYONE with them. Not just angsty stuff either, fluff can be just as bad, as many of you know!
title: we're all laughing with
rating: nc-17
fandom/pairing: hannibal (tv), hannibal/will
length: 1164
summary: "Willa Graham," you say. She's a pretty young thing - dark hair to her shoulders, hazel eyes behind thick glasses. You tilt your head to the side, cocking one side of your mouth upwards. "How do you do."

"Yeah," Jack says, and he gestures toward you. "Dr. Lecter is going to be the consultant on this case."

You hold out your hand. Willa doesn't take it; she just stares at you, unblinking. (She doesn't look you in the eyes, though; just below, at your nose. Your smile flickers.)

a/n:So this is a genderswapped Hannibal fic, told in second person. If anyone still wants to read this, here it is. :) Warnings for everything in the show, basically. Glorification of murder, talk of cannibalism, accidental cannibalism. Title from Laughing With, by Regina Spektor. I don't own the Hannibal characters.


  • putting all of my fic on here (do you guys think i should transfer over all my comment fic? because i have a lot of it and some of it i'm pretty proud of, but i don't know.)

  • actually finishing all of my fic.

  • this stupid erica/marilyn story that's eating my life and apparently i never finished idk man idk.

  • actual RL things that, y'know, are important.

and yet i still want to host a ficathon.
20 April 2013 @ 11:01 pm
i really want to do a genderswap ficathon - would there be any interest in that?