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15 August 2013 @ 02:10 pm
i'm doing the 1d big bang.

genderswapped one direction, a coming-of-age thing. niall-centric, but niall/zayn, harry/louis, liam/danielle endgame (most likely; maybe niall/harry, liam/louis, zayn/perrie). essentially niall is feeling too big for her skin and she dyes her hair bright pink and realizes she's in love with zayn at the same time; she doesn't want to fuck up some things because fuck, she's still figuring out who she is, and essentially she tries to figure out how to grow up without growing up.

a really cliche thing, probably, but i'm excited and i've already got like 2k so. there's more of a focus on the friendships than the endgame things, you know? anyway i've missed writing 1d fic and if anyone wants to let me talk at them about this feel free to sound off in the comments because i've got a thousand ideas and need to straighten them out.