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04 August 2013 @ 04:38 pm
fic: your cheeks are turning red, liam/zayn  
title: your cheeks are turning red
fandom: one direction
pairing: liam/zayn
rating/warnings: nc-17, sex and stuff
length: 4405
summary: He looks hot. It’s the only way he can think to describe himself; he looks like an actual girl, which is strange. He runs his fingers through the wig’s hair, pursing his lips again.
The door creaks open, Liam hesitantly peeking around the edges. “What do you think?”
Zayn smiles at him, turning and crossing his arms with his hip cocked out. “You tell me, then.”
Liam’s eyes open wide, and he walks forward to take Zayn’s arm, spinning him around. “I was right,” he says with finality, and drags his eyes up to meet Zayn’s. “You look much better this way.”

here at ao3