rumpledlinen (rumpledlinen) wrote,

fic: we're all laughing with (hannibal/will; nc-17, genderswap)

title: we're all laughing with
rating: nc-17
fandom/pairing: hannibal (tv), hannibal/will
length: 1164
summary: "Willa Graham," you say. She's a pretty young thing - dark hair to her shoulders, hazel eyes behind thick glasses. You tilt your head to the side, cocking one side of your mouth upwards. "How do you do."

"Yeah," Jack says, and he gestures toward you. "Dr. Lecter is going to be the consultant on this case."

You hold out your hand. Willa doesn't take it; she just stares at you, unblinking. (She doesn't look you in the eyes, though; just below, at your nose. Your smile flickers.)

a/n:So this is a genderswapped Hannibal fic, told in second person. If anyone still wants to read this, here it is. :) Warnings for everything in the show, basically. Glorification of murder, talk of cannibalism, accidental cannibalism. Title from Laughing With, by Regina Spektor. I don't own the Hannibal characters.

Tags: fandom: hannibal, pairing: hannibal/will, type: fic, type: genderswap
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