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16 January 2012 @ 09:55 pm
hold me tight  
a/n: so this is shameless cuddling fluff, as requested here. i basically took the prompter's plot and made it into a fic, so. hooray for cheesiness! (i've also just watched sherlock, and needed some way to make myself happy again.)
written for team albright, for the tsn-a-thon!
summary: eduardo's had a bad day at work. mark just wants to make it better.
word count: 932.
warnings: language.

Mark's putting the finishing touches on dinner (because he can cook, fuck you very much everyone who doesn't believe him) when Wardo comes in.

He looks - well, he looks fucking dejected, and Mark sets down the spoon, frowning, walking over to him.

"Mark -" and Wardo cuts himself off, shaking his head. "I just -"

He smiles, soft, and offers his arms out. "Need a hug?" he asks, keeping his voice deliberately soft, because it's been seven years since the After, since I was your only friend, and two years since the Now, since I'm sorry, whispered at Dustin's house, and Wardo's never been like this.

He's shaking, Mark can see - he looks like he's about to fold in on himself and he nods, minute, when Mark asks.

Mark wraps his arms around him, pulls him close, going up on his tiptoes to press his face into Wardo's neck. "You're okay," he says, "I've got you," and the words feel pointless but Wardo relaxes, a bit, Mark feels it. He bites his lip, and forces a smile. "Lie down?" he asks, and with a hand to Wardo's back leads him into the living room, sets him up on the couch. "Stay here, relax," he says, pushing a bit of Wardo's hair out of his face.

"I don't need -" Wardo starts.

Mark smiles, shakes his head. "You do, though, that's the problem," and kisses him on the forehead, quick. "I'll finish making dinner, you rest," and he goes back to the kitchen.


The thing is, Mark's not actually a robot. People tend to think that he is, that he's some sort of emotionless cretin, but he isn't. He cares a great deal for a select few people and it's never been a problem before.

(Wardo's one of those people.

Wardo's the person that he cares about most, trite as it sounds.)

He hears shuffling in the living room and smiles, finishes cooking, calls Wardo in with a soft voice.

He gets the feeling that he didn't have the best day, and if Wardo's letting it show it must really have messed him up.


He shuffles in, slow, and Mark walks over to him, kisses him on the top of the head, smiling. "Eat," and it's soft.

Wardo doesn't talk much during dinner and so Mark grabs his hand, kissing the knuckles, and leads him into the living room, sitting next to him.

Wardo starts with perfect posture, back straight, and Mark knows by now to let him relax on his own; sure enough, by the end of the film, he's leaning against Mark, head on his chest, and his eyelids are drooping.

"You look really nice today," Mark whispers, and smiles. "Have I told you that?"

Wardo lifts his head up, just a bit, staring at him. "What?"

Mark shrugs. "You just look nice, is all."

He's trying to be subtle, trying to distract Wardo from whatever went wrong, but the way Wardo stares at him suggests he didn't succeed, in that.


They put in another film, and Mark threads his fingers through Wardo's hair, smiling.

"Your hair's so soft," he whispers. "It's nice."

Wardo hums, and relaxes further against Mark, until he doesn't seem to be holding any tension in.

"That's it," Mark whispers. And then - "Wardo, are you okay?" 

There's silence, and Mark keeps stroking his hair, trying to convey without words that he's here, that he cares, that he's always going to care.

He's used to Wardo shouting at him, used to You don't give a fuck about me and You cut me out. He can handle angry Eduardo Saverin but he doesn't know what to do with Eduardo who doesn't seem to want to do anything, who just wants to lie there.

(Intellectually, he realizes that everyone has bad days, but he doesn't want Wardo to ever have a bad day - he wants him to be happy all of the time, because Wardo deserves to be happy all of the time.

That's possibly the sappiest thought he's ever had, but he doesn't care.)

Wardo shivers, and Mark extricates himself, smiling. "I'll be right back."

Wardo nods, and Mark runs to his room, grabs a hoodie, comes back.

He's flushing furiously, but he tosses it to Wardo, biting his lip. "I just - if you're cold. I know that - warm things - help cheer me up."

Wardo stares at it for a long moment and when he looks back up, he's grinning. "Thank you," and it's the first real smile he's had all night.

"Of course," and Mark smiles. "I just - want you to be okay," and he returns to his spot, lets Wardo curl back into him, wraps his arms around Wardo's torso. 


"Thank you," Wardo whispers, later, in the darkness of their room. He shifts forward, pressing himself against Mark, sighing out against his collarbone. "I just - had a shit day."

"Do you want to tak about it?" Mark asks.

After a moment, Wardo shakes his head, seeming almost scared.

"Okay," Mark says, threading his fingers through Wardo's hair again, and it is okay.

He just wants Wardo to be happy.

Wardo deserves to be happy.


(In the morning, Wardo smiles at him across the table and mouths thank you, again.

"I just - it was a bad day. You made it so much better," he says, and it's silly and cheesy and Mark can't help but blush. He smiles at him. "I'm so glad I have you," and it feels honest.

Mark grins back.)
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andhereiam17andhereiam17 on January 17th, 2012 04:46 am (UTC)
I think I love you.
This was so cute and fluffy and I had the biggest smile on my face. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Not to mention I saw the link after I read Still Another Day.

And I saw that you wrote this.

I squealed. I can't breath. I am still flailing.
rumpledlinenrumpledlinen on January 18th, 2012 08:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D I'm glad you liked this, aha. It's quite different from Still Another Day, isn't it? xD
andhereiam17andhereiam17 on January 19th, 2012 12:41 am (UTC)
Only a little.

Just a weeeeeee bit different. : )
V.aurora_84 on January 17th, 2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
This was really sweet! :D
rumpledlinenrumpledlinen on January 18th, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Skyskyearth85 on January 21st, 2012 10:25 am (UTC)
He's used to Wardo shouting at him, used to You don't give a fuck about me and You cut me out. He can handle angry Eduardo Saverin but he doesn't know what to do with Eduardo who doesn't seem to want to do anything, who just wants to lie there.

I confirm! It's more "scary" when people shut you down ç_ç

Lovely work :)
boycotting FOX because they terminated T:SCC.: tsn} bang the doldrumsxbriyeon on January 22nd, 2012 05:44 am (UTC)
so sweet, ugh ;_____;