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"until i find the perfect girl, i have louis."

look at these assholes. they have ruined my life. i started listening to them on last saturday. it's a week and a day later and I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.

about one direction, i mean. because they are all fucking adorable and perfect etc etc sigh.

ugh u dicks are ruining my LIFE.

i have read so much fic for all of these assholes and i can't even regret because SO PRESH MON PRESH.

this is an entirely incoherent post. i wrote a harry/louis last night in the wee hours of the morning so once i get it back from julia i shall put that up because MY LIFE HAS BEEN EATEN BY THESE FIVE LADS.

can you tell how little i care. because it's very little. a very little lot, if you will.

i should sleep. but i'm not going to. 

so, flist, how do YOU all feel about these boys? yay or nay? have you given into the craze? LET'S DISCUSS.
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