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i'll carry you home tonight.

so we're doing we are young for our senior song, and i'm singing the tenor part, because it hurts to sing high. which is apparently surprising to people, but whatever. i enjoy it. we don't have any boys singing the tenor part, it's just us ladies, but it is SO NICE TO BE DOWN IN THAT RANGE. 

today was the day of silence. i didn't participate this year. i was feeling like shit this morning and i needed to ~talk it out~. my psych teacher talked about day of silence and how she hoped that one day people could all be open about who they were and then i almost cried. i was very emotional today. *cough*

and now i'm sitting here with a headache. but i've been dating this person for a month yesterday and so that's nice, it's a nice thing. i definitely feel more feelings than i ever have before for a person that i've dated, so that's nice (and my longest relationship to date was three months, which, what the fuck jasmine, why can't you keep one person for an actual amount of time) and it's just really nice. i don't know. i'm still stupidly happy.

it's 4/20. people smoke weed, what a shock. can we get back to our lives now and can my twitter feed stop exploding with '4/20 FUCK YEAH I AM HIGH OFF MY ASSSSSS' tweets now, please.


i really want to write OT4. this is probably cheating as i'm sort of halfway writing it now, but. i just. i love their dynamic. (mark/eduardo/chris/dustin, for the record.) 

i really really really like the idea of
  • it starting off as mark/dustin, post-deps and then it sort of... gets into something more.
  • for example, mark being like "so i haven't talked to eduardo in forever" and dustin being like "i haven't talked to chris" and then admittance of feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings and shit.
  • my problem with writing things like this is that i don't know how to get all four of them together, but i think something like "chris and dustin are talking and then well shit chris wants to date him but he gets mark too and there've always been feelings there" works. and then same with eduardo. because they all want to bone. of course.
  • eduardo being more hesitant than the rest of them, because he's gay and his family doesn't even approve of that and really he's going to be with three other people?!. but the rest of them being like "we can keep this on the DL, wardo, i promise" and then... more feels. 
  • porn. because think about it. 

YEAH. i'm writing it sort of now because paige is a dirty rotten enabler but i took a ~break and am unsure if i'll ever finish it, so. this isn't cheating, yeah? yeah.
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