ben and leslie

holiday cards!


I know I haven't posted anything in over a month. I've been super busy with my big bang, and several other fics, and homework and stuff. And tumblr. Lots of tumblr.

Anyway! If you want me to send you a super festive, super cheerful card for the holidays, you can either leave me a comment on this post or send me an ask on tumblr with your address and stuff. Comments are screened.

Yeah! I want to send nice things and say nice things about everyone, and send out cards! (Also, if you want a card that doesn't mention Christmas at all, let me know! I have cards that just have snowmen on them but I may be like "Merry Christmas!" or something, and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Yeah. Let me know!
ben and leslie

i'm not dead!

sorry i disappeared for forever. i'm still active on tumblr and i have a new twitter, and i promise if you send me a message there i'll go into more detail about everything. but. i'm okay, like i haven't been in a long while.

  • my second year of university is going really well. i'm writing four... five... six things? i think? and they're all 1d-related.

  • i have a crush on a boy that isn't interested in women but that's all right, we're good friends.

  • things are shitty sometimes and okay sometimes.

  • i'm getting better at being on my own.

  • the new seasons of parks and rec, how i met your mother, and new girl are so good, you guys. so good.

  • i'm applying to be a resident advisor at my school, which would be really, really nice.

anyway. how've you all been? :)
anna kendrick


i'm doing the 1d big bang.

genderswapped one direction, a coming-of-age thing. niall-centric, but niall/zayn, harry/louis, liam/danielle endgame (most likely; maybe niall/harry, liam/louis, zayn/perrie). essentially niall is feeling too big for her skin and she dyes her hair bright pink and realizes she's in love with zayn at the same time; she doesn't want to fuck up some things because fuck, she's still figuring out who she is, and essentially she tries to figure out how to grow up without growing up.

a really cliche thing, probably, but i'm excited and i've already got like 2k so. there's more of a focus on the friendships than the endgame things, you know? anyway i've missed writing 1d fic and if anyone wants to let me talk at them about this feel free to sound off in the comments because i've got a thousand ideas and need to straighten them out.

fic: your cheeks are turning red, liam/zayn

title: your cheeks are turning red
fandom: one direction
pairing: liam/zayn
rating/warnings: nc-17, sex and stuff
length: 4405
summary: He looks hot. It’s the only way he can think to describe himself; he looks like an actual girl, which is strange. He runs his fingers through the wig’s hair, pursing his lips again.
The door creaks open, Liam hesitantly peeking around the edges. “What do you think?”
Zayn smiles at him, turning and crossing his arms with his hip cocked out. “You tell me, then.”
Liam’s eyes open wide, and he walks forward to take Zayn’s arm, spinning him around. “I was right,” he says with finality, and drags his eyes up to meet Zayn’s. “You look much better this way.”

here at ao3